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Craft Resumes – Resume Service

Craft Resumes

Craft resume is a professional team of certified writers who have experience working with several industries and they know very well “what they do”. They help students and professionals to get noticed for interviews and help during career transitions.

Is your resume not helping you to cling on to a single interview? I know how difficult it is to wait way too long and not getting placed anywhere. I have gone through the same situation after I finished my studies and went in search of a job. I would keep sending emails with my resume attached and with so called “ cover letter “ but everything in vain. Sometimes I would really wonder that “are my emails even being read or does somebody even check my resume”. You know all sorts of qualms begin creeping inside the mind in such situations and on top of that not getting a job will seriously make us stressed.

So will a picture perfect resume help us fetch a dream job? If that is the case then how to make a good resume that will reflect your personal self and make you get noticed for interviews.

In this section we will discuss in detail about taking professional help to write awesome resumes from CRAFT RESUME SERVICES. Here are the topics that are covered in this article.

  • Why have a great resume?
  • Goal of a resume
  • How to build a great resume
  • About craft resume services
  • Why choose craft resume services
  • Products offered
  • Procedure of ordering
  • Personal experience with craft resume
  • Customer opinion
  • Conclusion

But before getting into the details you should know a few aspects of having a well built resume

Why have a great resume?

  • Best tool in hand while searching for a job
  • It is like your first impression so it should be the best.
  • It gives all the essential details about your career, education and skill sets, whether you are “entry level candidate”.
  • No matter how qualified and proficient you are if your resume is frail then it can land you in a no man’s island with little chance of survival

Goal Of A Well Built Resume

To showcase your skills, education and experience, in such a way that the employer gets to know the answer for the question “why should I hire you” without even meeting you. It should be an abstract of everything you have accomplished and should have the ability to make you get noticed for fetching interviews.

How To Build A Great Resume?

Either your make it yourself or hire a professional to do the work for you. I guess the latter option would be the best choice to go with. A professional resume writer will certainly have loads of experience writing creative and technical resumes. He or she can understand our situation better and write a well balanced resume that covers all the aspects. In the eagerness to get a job it is possible that we might not be able to focus and concentrate while making a resume (from personal experience I am saying this). So hiring a professional service can make things easier.

Just Google” resume writers” and you will get loads of results and most of them are scams and other malware sites. But there are genuine sites that offer legitimate services but finding the right one is very important so that you don’t get fooled.

So here is one site that really helped me break the ice and cross the bridge to land on an interview that changed my outlook and my life.

If you have landed nowhere and feeling like the end of the world has come then it is high time that you hire a professional writer to work on your resume.

How Did Craft Resume Service Help Me Find The Right Job?

After graduating from college I worked in small scale firms but never got an opportunity to crack an interview with a reputed and known organization. I majored in finance and was good at accounting and everybody who knew me said I would get a job easily. But things were not the same and even though I had skills I hardly got any interview calls. One of my friends then said to me after checking my resume” Your resume sucks and why would anyone even call you for an interview”. That is when the very thought of having a great resume stuck my mind and I started looking for the same. I was lucky enough to get a genuine service from Craft resumes and they really helped me to frame a beautiful resume that gave me the opportunity to hit a lot of interviews. All credits goes to my professor back at college who recommended craft resumes for the same purpose.

About Craft Resume And What They Do

Craft resume is a professional team of certified writers who have experience working with several industries and they know very well “what they do”. They help students and professionals to get noticed for interviews and help during career transitions. Craft resumes helps to build resumes and CV keeping in mind job specific targets so that positive results are assured. If you want to start or succeed in your career then this is the right place where you can start from.

They provide wide range of services like editing and writing CV, resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and follow-up letters. No matter what sort of industry you are working they have lot to offer to all. Craft resume is user friendly organization that keenly listens to its customers needs and wants. They help to move forward in the right direction by guiding you with valuable insights which otherwise would have not been possible for you to include in your resume. Whether you want to switch your career or want to get a good job craft resume is the right door to knock for help. You will not regret doing so.

Why Choose Craft Resumes When There Are Many Other Professional Services?

  • Specialized and certified writers who know their job and who have years of experience guiding students and professionals to get good jobs.
  • No excuses and on-time delivery with superior quality.
  • Excellent customer support system and a ready to help mentality
  • Direct communication between the writer and the customer. All your queries are answered and one-to-one communications helps to build a resume better.
  • You can edit your existing resume, cover letters or official letters with the help of these certified writers.

Products From Craft Resumes

You have three options to choose from depending on your requirement

  • This is for entry level jobs especially for graduates with no experience. In this you will get a resume along with a cover letter that will cover all the basics and your skills. If you want you can order resume alone without the cover letter.
  • Professional resumes for those who have experience over 3+ years (veterans, military, nurse, sales, government employees, accountants etc). You get the option of ordering resume and a LinkedIn profile together.
  • Executive level for people who have experience above 10+ years (VPs, Directors, managers) . If you desire to bag a great position with your accomplishments but don’t have time to craft a great resume? Then order resume along with cover letter, thank you and follow-up letter from craft resume services.

How Does This Work And What Is The Procedure?

  • Give all your details about work history and all the information that you want to include inside the resume. If there is any query or doubt then the writer will contact you personally to clear the doubts.
  • Next they will have a live interview with you either over phone or Skype for 45 minutes. Having a direct communication like this will help the writer to understand your requirements properly and frame your resume accordingly.
  • When the above process is done you will soon receive a draft version within a day.
  • After that you have around four days to give a call or request for any changes that is to be included. Or if you don’t like the work you can request for a 100% money back guarantee in these four days.
  • Lastly your resume is done and will be sent to you via email along with cover letter or additional letters if you have ordered for those.

How Do I Order?

Once you decide to use their service pay for the order and a paid status will be emailed to you. When your order is shown “in progress” that means the work has already begun and the writer will contact you soon via phone or Skype. You will receive the drafted copy and later you can update, make changes as per the need and send it over back. Once the order is completed you can download the work from your personal account. Whatever be the case whether it is a doubt or if your help is needed for drafting the resume notifications will be sent. Also there is a customer support team waiting to serve you. If something is not right then you can contact them and sort out your problems. If your answers are not being answered then you can use the live chat option to contact them directly.

My Personal Experience Using Service Of Craft Resumes

They have a great user-friendly website that gives you all the details in a simple glance. No complications and hassles just crystal clear information. It just took minutes to go through the site and understood how the whole thing works.

There was toll free number which I could have used to talk to them but I preferred leaving a message via the live chat box. They weren’t available immediately but they contacted me very soon and helped me in the process of writing the best resume for myself.

I got a nice female writer who was really kind and quickly understood what I wanted. She asked me questions over the Skype about my educational qualifications, skills, work history and everything that is needed to sketch a perfect resume. I received the draft version the very next day and I was surprised and wondered how she made this so interesting. I was certainly pleased and didn’t have any major changes to be made as she had done it perfectly. One more day went and my resume was ready to be downloaded from my personal account that they had given me. You won’t believe I started getting interview calls and even my friends were impressed seeing my resume. Since I was kind of entry level candidate I chose for the basic package without the cover letter part. But one of my friends had ordered for a professional package along with cover letter. I must say their work was terrific and excellent to the core.

Customer Reviews About Craft Resume

After reading many reviews I found that they have helped a lot of people around the globe to fetch interview calls and majority of them have been placed in reputable firms. Craft resumes offer rewriting services if you already have a well written resume that needs a few changes.

Customers say that these professional writers make the resume more presentable and it easily gets noticed by the employers. They also help to write excellent cover letters, thank you letters and follow-up letters according to the situations and needs of the customers. Most of the customers are of the opinion that they have an excellent customer support system. No single question goes unanswered and everything is done within the said time. I was even surprised to know that they helped experienced professionals to build LinkedIn profiles which are really awesome to read. If you want a simple, presentable and precise resume or a LinkedIn profile or even a cover letter then I would surely recommend craft resumes for the same. There are a genuine bunch of guys working backstage to help you out of the crisis.


If you are tired of waiting and fed up with your existing resume then don’t delay anymore. Just take your PC and order a great resume from craft resumes. They are simply great and know what they are doing very well. They are no scams and just a team of professionals who are experienced writers. Their service is top-notch and quality is assured. I have got the right job and am pretty convinced that I can approach any organization with my resume in hand.

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