How To Make A Resume With Step By Step Instruction

How To Make A Resume With Step By Step Instruction


The resume is actually a marketing tool that will give the employers an overview of how you can meet their requirements.

Sell yourself with these excellent tips on building your resume that will give you a heads up on getting that perfect job for you. If you are looking for easy steps on building the perfect resume, then here are some healthy tips on ‘how to make your own resume’ and get started on the first step for success.

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[restab title=”About” active=”active”]Building a resume is as easy as 1-2-3. However, reality is far better than that. You have all the knowledge, the right information with you but getting started with the right foot is the difficult task. You need that ‘nudge’ to get you started and here it is. These tips on how to make a resume for a job covers A to Z and little more that you will know as you read further.

You might be a stay at home mom, a college graduate, teenager or may not have job experience, a complete fresher and you can still have a decent income for your family by building the perfect resume.

Know the motive

To put it out bluntly, the resume is actually a marketing tool that will give the employers an overview of how you can meet their requirements. It serves as a great info gathering where they will know of

  • Your previous job experience
  • How you can help the company and fit their job profile and requirements
  • Your qualifications, base education etc.
  • Past experience, skills and how it can help the company
  • How much professionalism they can expect from you for the job

Length of your resume

How to make a resume look better, more professional and appealing? Do not write a story. Bullet points are quite impressive and give an upto the point remark about the info you want to share. Frankly there is no length while building a resume. Depending on your achievements and study, you can put it down there. If you do not have any previous experience one or two pages are best but if you have a lot of experience, you can go upto three and that’s the max.

DO NOT fill it with unnecessary information and make it well-presented so as to ease down the employer’s job of fanning and reading it out easily.

Ordering a resume

It is always better to present the vital information on your resume in the following order:

  • Contact details
  • Opening statement
  • Key skill list
  • Technical or software skills
  • Career overview or personal attributes
  • Educational qualifications
  • Work experience/volunteering if any
  • References, if any

Note that the list above may not appear on the resume every time and is obvious of change depending from one application to another. The important thing is to get the message across in the most easiest method possible. For instance, if your education history does not pertain to the job you are applying, make sure to put it at the end of the resume behind the info that is related to the job.[/restab]
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Changing the resume

Many people raise the question whether they need to change the resume everytime they apply for different job profiles. The answer is YES. You need to make small edits pertaining to the specific needs of the respective job profile asked by the company. However you need not make big changes except for the opening statement, key skills etc. that are called out for in the job role.

You must also tailor the resume in such a way so as to put forth how your previous work experience specifically meets the needs the job profile you are currently applying for. So what are these small edits that will help in right tailoring of your resume?

You can make use of the opening statement and link it to the experience/education that fits the job requirements

  • List the most relevant key skills at the top
  • Instances of your achievements pertaining to the job ad can also be mentioned
  • Make sure the keywords and phrases are relevant to the job

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Things to be included in the resume

Pondering over the fact on how to make a resume stand out amongst others, here are a number of things that every resume must have to call it ‘complete’. The following items must not be missed out under any circumstances.

  • Contact details – your contact information such as name, address, email and phone number is a mandatory requirement on the resume. Make sure not to include contact details on the header area as the recruitment software can have difficulty reading the info in headers or footers. Avoid inserting info altogether. Insert contact details above the footer area of the resume so that they are not only a part of the main body of document but also have a distance from the footer area.
  • Introductory statement or opening statement – is a summary where you can mention a brief about where you have studied or worked and what is expected from you in the job. Keep a limit of 5-6 lines and must be written in first person without giving any personal reference. For instance, instead of saying “I did this” say – “Did this”.
  • Your strengths – your key skills must have a list of 10-15 skills that can connect the experience to the job profile asked for. Make sure to provide the list of key skills and experiences that link with the ad/position description mentioned by the company. For instance, previous jobs related to the current profile, studies, work placements if any, volunteering achievements etc.
  • Technical or software skills – short list the names of technology that you are aware of. For example, word processing, programming languages, tools (such as handling cash registers, accounting softwares etc.)
  • Personal strength – the qualities you possess can be another way of demonstrating that you are the perfect person for the job. This is best if you do not have any previous work background. Include ways that will speak volume of how trustworthy, honest and dependable you are to learn new things at office. Just make sure not to choose the personal strength as an alternative to key skills. The eight skills employers are looking for are (1) communication (2) teamwork (3) problem solving ability (4) initiative (5) planning/organizing (6) self-management (7) learning and (8) technology knowledge. Read on to know further –
  • Educational background – needs to display only your highest level of education and not your marks, results etc. You can even include few bullets pertaining to academic achievements in school (such as awards and recognition’s, groups you have won in extracurricular activities)
  • Previous work experience – start with your existing or recent job info and go backwards from there. Make sure to include the job profile and the dates you have worked. For freshers who are just graduated, you can mention experience such as work experience in school, placement or internships if any or any volunteer work assigned in school/college.
  • References/Referees – can include two positive people who can recommend you as an employee. Obviously, these references will be your ex-colleagues/people with whom you have previously worked.
  • Testimonials – is an ideal way to prove your ability to the employer. You can ask your colleague, teacher to write a few good words about you. You can even include them in your reference list. Make sure to write 2-3 lines and not too many as it can ruin the desired effect. You can include any testimonials you receive as part of your educational history or on your work placement.
  • Keywords and phrases – many of the job consultants use recruitment software that scans the applications for particular keyword and phrase. Those applications that don’t use the right keywords get automatically rejected. Top phrases/keywords that the software looks for are skills, activities, jobs, qualifications, software, tools etc. Check the job advertisement and look upon the prominent keywords used. If you don’t have a written job ad, you can always check the job portal online to find similar jobs and the ad words they have used to add priority of your resume.

Things NOT TO be included in resume

Here is a list of few things that can be chucked off from the resume. However there may be instances where including few of the information might actually help. In that case, you can include these info.

  • Personal information – you need not add any personal information on your resume as there is no benefit gained. Stuff such as your birth date, gender, ailments, address, health status etc. are not important.
  • Typo Errors – while working on how to make a resume, here’s a healthy tip. Make sure there are no errors on your resume. Typing errors are a strict no-no and can actually hinder a good opportunity. Spellcheck before sending it out and you can always ask someone to read out your resume to check the errors that are out of your view.
  • Images – no need to stuff your resume with your photos. Both the recruiters and the software hate them.
  • Headers and footers – do not insert info on headers/footers as the recruitment software can reject your application easily.
  • Decorative format – use crystal clear format such as Century Gothic, Verdana, Calibri, Arial etc. and do not use fancy fonts that makes your resume look gaudy and difficult for the recruiters to read it out. Font size of 10-11 for the main content and 12-14 max for headers are acceptable.
  • Tables – Use tables for dinner and not for your resume. Many feel that using table templates look good on the resume. Well it doesn’t for a single reason that the recruitment softwares are unable to read through tables. Why take a chance? Avoid it and use simple formatting such as bullets, multiple columns etc.
  • PDF version – A definite no-no. Recruitment softwares CANNOT read your pdf resume. So give it a rest and make sure to submit in word format (.doc or .docx).

Double check your resume

Before sending it across the table, make sure to ask your friends, colleagues or guidance counsellors to cross check your resume. This is extemely important as a second person can easily review your resume and check if any errors are available or if something needs to be included.

Resume templates

Now that you come to the end feature of how to make a resume, as a final touch, you can choose from the templates available at,, or These websites offer professional touch to your resume thereby adding a stroke of luck for your successful career.[/restab]

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