Professional resume templates – Do’s & Dont’s In Your Resume

Professional resume templates – Do’s & Dont’s In Your Resume

Professional resume templates

While you are looking for a professional resume templates, here are some do’s and don’ts that you must keep in mind while sending out a resume.

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[restab title=”Introduction” active=”active”]Looking for job in the field of marketing, as a nurse, software engineer or any other field of your interest? It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced person or an absolute newbie who have no experience in any field whatsoever. The bottom line is to project a healthy resume that will be the stepping stones of success in your career path.

While everything around in today’s world has been simpler to serve your purpose, resume writing is one of the challenges that still lurks in a hidden manner. In fact, there are certain degrees of frustration buildup since the resume rules tend to change almost every month making it difficult a person to figure out a perfect resume.

To easen your worries, I have zeroed in on few list of do’s and dont’s that range from the most followed rule to the brand new ones currently powering through. So all you have to do is take a quick scan at your resume and make sure it is absolutely prepared to enter the recruitment software.
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Right kind of experience

Highlight your experiences

The first rule of resume writing is the adaptable personality to play different roles pertaining to the job you are applying. If you have a specific set of skills pertaining to a job, make sure to highlight them first. Make it easy for the recruitment manager to realize why you are the perfect candidate.

Calm down freshers

If you just graduated out of college or do not have any relevant work experience, make sure to list out your skills, related projects or coursework.

Optimize for the Recruitment software

Many companies nowadays use recruitment software that will chuck out undesired applicants. This software checks for the valid keywords and phrases etc. and scores them automatically to deliver the relevant candidate for the next segment of personal interview. Though this is not a perfect strategy, you can however include the right keywords and phrases to enhance your visibility. However make sure you don’t go overboard.

Copy and pasting the content

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT copy the exact phrases mentioned in the job description. If the company says “honest and hardworking”, do not copy the same content in your resume as it will only lead to rejection. Instead, you can find a better way to put your qualities.

Gather info and use them

Recruiters love reading resume bullets that contain numbers. For instance, ‘increase in the number of sales by 200%. Yes, they actually do so make sure to use them whenever needed.

No confidential information

Confidential information on the resume is certainly NOT the right way to get a job. Share personal stuff with your close friends and not with the entire world. Google’s Head of HR says that he sees many of the confidential information on resumes which is not really necessary. Read here for the complete article –

Soft skills is an added advantage

Ensure each bullet point offers a skill the HR team is searching for and use facts/figures to prove it right. For instance “Initiated mentorship program to alleviate high turnover of new staff that gave a matching result of 23 mentor-mentee pairs that gave a fantastic reduction in staff turnover”.

No listing the obvious skills you possess

Yeah, the company knows how you can use the ‘incognito mode’ in Google and open a spreadsheet. Utilize the space to make a stand out resume that sets you apart from others.

Volunteering for any social activity

If you have done any volunteer work that has taught you any skills that has a direct relationship with the job you are currently applying for, you can right away include that in your resume. Side projects, temp tryst for a while, it can boost up your resume and show off your skills.

Controversial companies are a definite NO in your resume

If you have done any volunteer work for a politician or answered few calls at a LGBT org, then make sure to eliminate them from resume. While your personal viewpoint might be true, you cannot ensure that every company you are applying follow the law. Better to be on the safe side and focus on skills and your qualifications rather than putting up stuff that might not go well with your recruiter. With professional resume templates, you will get a brief view of how the recruiting system works.

Hands down for personal accomplishments

Simply using professional resume templates will NOT do any good. Apart from soft/technical skills, if you have done something cool in your personal life such as win poker tournaments, chess championship etc. then you might include these achievements in your resume. Yes, HR managers love it as it shows that you are a quick thinker and will be able to make right decisions when time comes.

Unrelated hobbies are not needed

Personal favorite hobbies such as member of active book club or strong participant of candy crush saga is nothing to brag about and you better keep it out of your resume. Your recruiters are least bothered so eliminate unwanted things from your resume.

Lessons you learnt are a great way to begin

Put in simple words what have you learn from your previous companies. Instead of mentioning the responsibilities you can actually mention what have you learnt from the company and if you were promoted within the same company how you handled the transitioned role.

Summary statement

A summary statement that puts forth couple of line about the resume gives the employers a broad outline of your skills and experience. It is one of the most ideal method to join all the years of experience under a single roof. Many of the professional resume templates list out few examples of how to deliver the perfect summary.

Don’t try to fill the holes

Don’t cheat. If there is a fine gap between two jobs, do not use fake dates and fill in the gaps. Don’t lie and be outright honest about it. Whatever you did when you were not working such as travelling, helping the society, running a household i am sure you might have learnt something so mention valuable skills that you learnt and be proud about it.

Get the facts straight

Stating the obvious reason, do not say that is NOT mentioned in your resume. It will not benefit you in any way and most likely you will get caught so make sure you are true in your resume and in your words under any circumstances.[/restab]
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Choose the words carefully

Stereotype jargons are outdated

It is a frustrating factor to take one look at the resume and find “hard working, dedicated, honest” typed out in big letters. Mention things that even a layman can understand and be careful of the industry you are mentioning these cliched words.

No slang’s or posh words

Do not use big words that seem to make you look intelligent or capable. Also make sure to stay away from slang words. “Yo, wanna, workin’…and so on” look frivolous and goes straight to the trash. The secret is out and the hiring managers have a way to know you are totally faking on your resume. Be realistic and instead of saying ‘originated armamentarium elevating schedule for the eucumbered’ say that you ‘initiated a fund raising program for the disabled’.

Be positive and not negative

While trying to enter a new company make sure you do not use any negative connotations even if you do not mean any harm. Saying ‘aggressively met the targets’ or ‘fixed problem of communication’ will subconsciously make the HR managers think low of you. Change to something positive such as ‘implemented solution for easy communication between the customer and customer support’.

Dancing with the verbs

Play with the words and use more powerful verbs such as “maximized, devised, executed” etc. instead of ‘dealt, handled, responsible for” and many others. If you check professional resume templates you will know the difference of how professional writers handle articulate verb words.
Here is a list of verbs ( you can include in your resume.

No discriminatory info

Age, race, color, marital status, gender and other certain info are best left unattended and not spoken. Do not give the recruiters a chance and leave these info at home.[/restab]
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Spice up your resume

One page is enough

Since recruiters take the pain to go through lot of resumes, it can be quite frustrating for them. So make sure you do not write a story and are upto the point. Keep it short and sweet. In fact, Laszlo Bock, senior vice president of Google recommends having only one page of resume for every 10 years of work experience.

Over-stuffing of information

Now that it is recommended that one page of info is more than enough, do not try to gather all the info in a page. Using font size and squishing all the matters in a page will definitely not do you any good. Cut down to relevant information in a decent font along with proportionate white space to make it easy for the recruiter’s eyes.

Designing a resume

Its not a work of art. Be professional and make a professional resume. While it is important to make your resume look good, make sure you have the right font, proper information and only the vital points are highlighted. Take a scan and ensure that the resume looks nice enough to make the information easy to understand.

Templates are good

A well designed templates will save you good amount of time. Professional resume templates are available in many websites such as,, etc. They can actually prepare a decent format in a jiffy.

Not more than two fonts

While it is best to use only font, you can use two fonts maximum. That too ensure that these fonts don’t clash and make your resume look weird.

Job titles and companies must look a class apart

The prominent information are the companies that you have worked with and the job handled. So make sure you highlight them and by highlight I mean using a slightly larger font than the other content or simply using italic style. This will make the recruiters skim the resume easily. Text effects are another thing you want to keep it aside. Using CAPS LOCK can be distracting and annoying. Two words – stay away.

Set the dates correctly

Start by mentioning the latest company you resigned from and then move on to the previous companies.

Two lines a bullet

Never use more than two lines for a bullet. Again I repeat no HR manager will not take the pain to read each and every word you dish out. Utilizing this idea will make the resume easier to read and will keep up the impression.[/restab]
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Pen the words

Exchange resumes with your colleagues

You can always check your colleagues resume and take a look at how they describe their responsibilities. You will in many ways inspire yourself and can improve on the descriptions. Another added benefit is having another person make a quick check at your resume will always benefit you and will help in pointing out the mistakes one has missed.

Spell Check

Check for grammatical errors, typo errors if any and proofread the resume a few good times before sending it out.

Passing the right information

Sometimes its not just about creating the perfect professional resume templates. Word cloud generator such as TagCrowd will give you an image that has the most frequent keywords used by the employers along with the most recent ones in a bolder format. This will help you with some fine editing that you can make before finalizing the resume.

Last words

Apart from owing the perfect resume, you need to ensure you have a proper resume covering letter that is works as an icing to the cake. Resume professional writers are there at your service and can help with creating the perfect resume for you along with customized professional resume templates. There are customer service as well to handle any queries when it comes to delivering professional resumes for you. Many of the professional writers are certified and have excellent resume writing skills that meets the current industry standards. This will guarantee you landing in the perfect job.[/restab][/restabs]

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